Verena Kloos Strategic Design Consulting

Design Thinking

Fluid, connective and conclusive

Rooted in the actual design process, design thinking denotes one fluid, interactive and holistic process. A rapid procession of prototypes serves to deliver proof of concept as we go along. This results in integrated solutions which benefit from early customer feedback and from the chance to root out misconceptions early. We start with thorough research executed by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Their findings provide the foundation for our process of mapping the future and creating the contextual framework within which our prototyping will take place.

Built into this process is the idea of “fail early and fail often” – rather than making an assumption at the start, working to fulfill it and then realize it was the wrong track all along, design thinking and its accommodation of “failure” guarantees the most effi cient and valuable outcome for your customers at any time.

Future Aesthetics

One step ahead of the competition

Helping our clients to determine the colours, materials or interface appearance of their products is one of our greatest pleasures. We constantly have our feelers out for what’s coming next, making sure your product will still be relevant in five years’ time from an aesthetic point of view.

Not only will it fit the market, it will also still represent your unique brand values – and we’re working to make sure they’ll be just as relevant then as they are today. The shape, colour, material, surface quality, sound and possibly even taste of your product should be mirror your unique brand, now and in future.

Creative Culture

Gaining strength from detail

A strong and positive company culture weaves together your business and your people and attracts new talent. We audit your creative processes, take a close look at your physical surroundings and define sources of inspiration, giving your team the power to thrive in an ever-changing creative world by affording them new perspectives.

We take a close look at your particular situation and show ways of fostering creative cross-fertilization and embracing strategies for the incubation of ideas. Our careful creative curation and coaching will help to define and grow your creative team to its full potential.